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Patient’s Medicare Certificate of Medical Necessity APIs

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Medicare Certificates of Medical Necessity (CMN) APIs


For certain items or services billed to Medicare, the DME supplier must receive a signed CMN from the treating physician before they can submit a claim for the equipment rental.

pVerify’s Medicare Certificate of Medical Necessity API Solution allows users to review a patient’s CMN history for approved certificates along with the initial date approved, revised dates, and last claim date to ensure and existing rental agreement is not already in place.

pVerify’s consumable API endpoints are a near real-time calls from a client’s own system, sent to pVerify and through to obtain a patients Medicare Certificate of Medical Necessity History. The API get then returns to pVerify for parsing and then back to the pVerify client, within a matter of seconds.

Example of Patient’s Medicare Certificate CMN API Results

  • Submitted HCPCS
  • Approved HCPCS
  • Initial Date
  • Jurisdiction
  • Status of certificates
  • Revised Date
  • Last Claim Date
  • Supplier Name
  • Length of Need
  • Total Rental Payments
  • Checks all 4 jurisdictions for every HCPCS
  • Full certificate history

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With hands-on and responsive Healthcare Eligibility API Support, pVerify assists with designing your Healthcare API workflow, acts as a hand-on guide throughout development, and remains a go-to expert post development.

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