Our Eligibility Endpoints

The core business of pVerify is Eligibility.

The Best Realtime Healthcare API Solutions

pVerify’s robust APIs are available for the following services

Best Realtime Healthcare API Solution

Advanced Eligibility

An Eligibility API Call will verify a patient in real-time with unique parsing of benefits.  

Supporting ANSI X12 for consumption of detailed Summary Endpoint 

Insurance Discovery

Discover over 50% of unknown coverage.

Submit patients with Name and DOB information to discover if any Medical Insurance Coverage exists.

MBI Lookup

Find a Medicare patient's new MBI ID with their name and SSN/HICN

Recursive Medicare Advantage

Verify a Medicare Advantage Payer automatically from a Medicare transaction, using our proprietary methods, and obtain the MA Plan Subscriber ID and coverage details

Same or Similar

Quickly gives you access to Same/Similar claim history across all 4 Medicare jurisdictions, including A, B, E, K, & L codes

Patient Estimator

A patient-facing solution that provides an estimated copay or co-insurance details, powered by Eligibility and Custom Fee Schedules

Claim Status Alert

Claim Status Inquiry Call  provides actionable details on a claims current status to improve Accounts Receivable Cycles

Dental Eligibility

An Eligibility call specifically to verify Dental Coverage with copay, co-insurance, max allowed, and met amount details

Inpatient SNF

Discover if a patient is currently admitted to a Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

Drop-In UI

pVerify’s Drop-in UI offers a pre-built low code solution that allows for easy integration of our Advanced Eligibility and other pVerify Solutions


Built to incorporate eligibility into your existing workflow and verify coverage automatically during patient scheduling, during check-in, prior to submitting claims and more


Built directly into your software, an agent can click a button and automate a real-time verification in seconds

Meet with one of our API Specialists

pVerify’s hands-on and responsive API Support, pVerify assists with designing your API workflow, acts as a hand-on guide throughout development, and remains a go-to expert post development for our best realtime Healthcare API Solution.

Best Realtime Healthcare API Solution