pVerify’s Eligibility API

The core business of pVerify is Eligibility.

CallShaper Eligibility API

Easily verify insurance without leaving your software

Callshaper, offered by CallShaper, LLC*, is a telemarketing platform that can be used to do outbound sales efforts.  This is an example of a direct system integration, CallShaper Eligibility API , that pVerify has done for several clients.

*  pVerify has no business relationship with CallShaper, however we have worked with them on numerous occasions and recommend them!

Built directly into your software, an agent can click a button and automate a verification within pVerify to get the Medicare eligibility status, HMO/POO, QMB/Medicare Advantage information in seconds. Written back into the agent’s script, the agent never needs to leave their current page to find all the Medicare Eligibility information they are looking for. 

CallShaper Eligibility API

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