pVerify Same or Similar APIs

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pVerify Same or Similar quickly gives you access to Same/Similar checks across all 4 medicare jurisdictions, including L, A, E, B, and K codes. Improving your billing operations with minimum same or similar denials is possible with quick and concise access to same or similar checks offered by pVerify’s efficient Same or Similar. Instead of spending hours on IVRs and Medicare portals, physicians and providers can get access to same or similar checks within a short span of time with pVerify’s features such as printable batch reports, interactive search options and more.

Upload in Real Time

Allows easy submission of near real-time Same/Similar transactions.

Notifications via Call-Back

Via our call back URL, be notified when the response is returned.

Convenient Access

Easily see what claims have been submitted for the patient, and what HCPC codes have no
same category or similar category claims.

Same or Similar


Description: Quickly gives you access to Same/Similar checks across all 4 medicare jurisdictions, including L codes.
Request: Object contains memberId, patient name, DOB, hcpcsCodes as well as information such as date of service.
Response: Object contains requesstId in addition to status and an apiResponseMessage.


Description: This call is used to get the Same or Similar transaction result later using a unique request ID.
Request: The request headers contain payer information that is standard for same or similar
Response: Response returns a series of claims containing the Same or Similar request information.

More Advantages for DME – Advanced Eligibility 


Easy Integration

DME integrates well with Same/Similar as you can use the patient provided information, test for validity with Eligibility, then use that demographic data to get S/S benefits.

Easy to Interpret

The Eligibility Status and patient demographics from DMS are simple and easy to parse.

Easy Retrieval

The Medicare Wellness HCPCS codes can be also retrieved in a very convenient object format, to determine if the patient is eligible for wellness exams.

Detailed & Specific Reports

We will return specific discrete information regarding TPA / Medicare Advantage (Payer Change)

Customized Endpoints

Use a set of basic information which saves development time for payer mapping and service codes. We have developed specific industry knowledge regarding what most DME companies want returned and have tailored this endpoint for you.