Radiology integration using pVerify.

Use pVerify’s Eligibility solution to automate specific information regarding Radiology. Save time and money using the pVerify Medicare endpoint.

The pVerify Advantage for Radiology

Receive Benefits Simultaneously

pVerify can provide you with CT / MRI and DR benefits at the same time.



pVerify can show you quickly and easily if pre-certification is required or not based on the eligibility report.


Price Estimate Integration

pVerify can combine with price estimate (using your or CMS data) to arrive at pricing for service such as MRI.

Support for Non-EDI payers

pVerify provides support for Non EDI payers through calls such as EligibilityInquiry, GetPayers and Get Copay/Coins/OOP/Deduc – All a part of the Eligibility API.

And Much More!