Eligibility Pricing Plans with pVerify

Plan TypePeriodTransaction CostPeriod Cost# of TransactionsOverageRenewal CostSetup Cost
Monthly Subscription 1000Monthly (annual contract)0.17$1,000*58820.22N/A99
Monthly Subscription 100Monthly (annual contract)0.22$100*4540.25N/A99
Prepaid 1,00090 days0.20$1,0005000N/A100099
Prepaid 50090 days0.25$5002000N/A50099
API, Batch or Volume >1000/monthContact us or visit

*Cancellations: Subscription plans are for a period of 12 months. Any cancellation requests prior to the 12 month term must be submitted in writing with a 60 day advanced notice.

Same or Similar Pricing Plans with pVerify

Plan TypePeriodTransaction Cost ($)Period Cost ($)# of TransactionsOverage ($)Renewal Cost ($)Setup Cost ($)
Prepaid30 days1.00300300N/A30099
Prepaid30 days.90600666N/A60099
Prepaid30 days.7510001333N/A100099

Estimator Pricing Plans with pVerify

Plan TypePeriodPricing# of TransactionsSetup Cost ($)
Subscription30 days$100*unlimited99

*Estimator cost is waived when total monthly billing is $500 or more.

**There is a one-time setup fee of $99 for all of the above plans.

***Costs are subject to pass thru fees, non-EDI fees, batch processing fees and 3% Paypal when applicable.

pVerify Has three Pricing Options:

Prepaid plans expire, and you can renew the plan at any time, much like a prepaid phone card.

Subscription plans have a monthly fee, and you get a set number of transactions, with additional transactions at a low rate.

Monthly plans are for higher volume clients and have a charge per transaction.

pVerify charges additional fees for some eligibility plans for a small amount of payers. To see the list click here.