pVerify Claim Status


pVerify Claim Status


 API REST  |  PATIENT Claim Status

pVerify Claim Status quickly gives you access to patient claim status via API.

No more uncertainties! Now physicians and providers can check the status of the billed claims – it’s easy to glance at which claims are paid, pending, and which ones are denied.

Easy Submission

Allows easy submission for claim status, claim # not needed

Discrete Capture

You can capture at a glance in discrete fields the key claim information such as status.

Claim Status works this way:

Requesting a claim status transaction:
Either type in the patient name and claim information, and click submit, or upload a batch, OR do an API call. Any way you do it, you can see the status by clicking on the transaction


Searching for a claim status:
You can select by payer, status, verification date, or other fields. Click search and then look at the detail results: